Endovascular Aneurysm Repair

Endovascular aneurysm repair is a procedure that developed in the 1990’s. In this procedure, we insert catheters into an artery in your groin and guide them to the aneurysm.

Using continuous x-rays, we will watch the procedure on a video screen to assure proper placement of the stent-graft. Once in place, the stent-graft will allow blood to flow through normally and prevent additional pressure on the aneurysm walls. This prevents the aneurysm from rupturing.

With this procedure, patients have a shorter hospital stay and recover much more quickly than with the open aneurysm repair.

After the operation, it is important for patients to have regular check-ups. We need to make sure that the stent-graft is in the proper position and that it is functioning correctly.

Is Endovascular Aneurysm Repair Right for Me?

We need to evaluate your aneurysm, typically with a CT scan, to see if a stent-graft will fit. If it fits anatomically, we then need to evaluate if it will lead to a lasting repair.

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