We at Gulf Coast Vascular Surgery are very aware of the ongoing risk of COVID-19, and we are doing everything possible to protect our patients from exposure.  For a specialty as critical as Vascular Surgery, this requires a delicate balance between minimizing risk but still providing patient’s access to vital vascular care.  Simply closing our practice completely for a length of time would put a substantial number of our patients at increased risk of severe pain, limb loss, stroke, and even death.  Therefore, we have put the following precautions in place.

Precautions being taken: 

1. Our billing department as well as other select members of our staff continue to work from home.

2. We are limiting the number of people allowed in the waiting room to minimize crowding.

3. Every member of our team has their temperature measured upon entering our building. If elevated, they are sent home to self -quarantine.

4. All rooms are thoroughly sanitized between every patient visit.

5. We are limiting the number of staff in every clinical site to minimize crowded workspace.